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It’s Big Earthquake Month!

March is a very special time of the year for earthquake nerds like myself. This month has several big quake anniversaries which I will be marking with special posts. The first is the Great East Japan (Tohoku) Quake of March 11, 2011 which registered a M9.0 and the other is the 50th Anniversary spectacular of the M9.2 Great Alaskan Earthquake on March 27, 1964 (also known as the Good Friday Quake). Other big quakes include the March 9, 1957 M8.6 Andreanof Islands Quake and the twin bill on March 28 of the 1787 Mexico earthquake in Oaxaca and the 2005 M8.8 Sumatra Quake.

In addition to the quake blogs, this month is the 10th anniversary of my first visit to Japan. Japan is one of the Trip Diaries I never finished transcribing so if there was ever a better time, this month is the one to do it. I hope to have some #TBT photos daily during the anniversary dates which start March 11.

Lots of fun so stay tuned!