Trolltunga – The Troll’s Tounge


Today this beautiful site near Hardanger Norway has been added to my bucket list. Doing a bit of research, the hike to the Trolltunga is pretty intense – 3000ft elevation change and about 4-5 hours to get there. Part of the hike is climbing up a metal ladder in the rocks, but the views are totally worth it. I wasn’t that far (relatively speaking) when I was in Bergen, Norway in 2007. If we had been there in the summer months, it might have been worth a detour. So sometime in the future I’ll have to circle back to hike it!

Here is a sample of what the hike is like from the Visit Norway folks:

Wanna hike it? How about a Guided Tour? I love that this is the same Visit Norway group that puts together the Norway in a Nutshell tour that Daniel and I took in 2007.