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What is Nat Geo Doing??

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As a Geographer who has struggled to get people to learn about Geography and its many disciplines, I am shocked to learn that you cannot browse the National Geographic website without registering. When you click the “Why am I registering” link it gives you the blurb:

By registering, you will have greater access to exclusive content from National Geographic, the ability to connect with people from around the globe, and the opportunity to participate in the community. As a community member you can share your thoughts and opinions about global issues, share and rate photos, and interact with other members and National Geographic explorers, photographers, and staff.

Seems innocent enough unless you realize it is just blatant data mining. Like those store and casino loyalty cards, they just want to know what you are doing on their site and probably what you are doing on other sites.

It’s a real shame because I am a huge fan of National Geographic magazine and many of their programs. I love the National Geographic Society and the things they do for Geographic education and exploration. It is just too bad that other people can’t find that out for themselves.

I’m sure I am overacting, but it will be a while before I visit their site again and am unfollowing on Twitter and Instagram since I realize I won’t be able to click-through to articles on their site.