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Making Futbol/Soccer More Fun

I’ll admit it, I am not a big fan of Futbol (or as us wierdos in the US refer to it – Soccer), but in my never ending quest to at least be familiar with big sporting events, I have been following this year’s World Cup in Brazil. Soccer is an interesting game with all sorts of amazing athleticism as well as some great flopping dramatics and the occasional bite, but alas I have never really gotten into it. After watching a few periods of the Stanley Cup playoffs in Hockey, Soccer seems to be much slower. The more games I have watched, the more interesting it has become. I was a bit disappointed that the US soccer team gave up that goal at the last minute in their match against Portugal, but still glad they made it to the next sudden death round. I love baseball and maybe since it is similarly slow paced I could see it becoming a favorite. If I had the time. If MLS was a bit more visable..

At any rate, I came across this post by Jason the other day and I thought, “Wow, this would make the World Cup waay more interesting!” After giggling a bit, I noticed in the sidebar a link to an even better video. The Real Madrid Futbol team vs. 109 kids in China:

Imagine a World Cup where the teams faced off against kids from different countries?? Maybe the only way to advance out of Group Play is to beat some kids. You can’t beat the kids? Then you don’t get to play anymore.. Maybe the kids could even win the World Cup. Not sure how the logistics would work, but pretty amusing to myself at least..