Club Josh

Countdown to 20!

Yesterday was the 19th Anniversary of Club Josh which naturally means that the 20th is just around the corner. As I was thinking of the anniversary, I went back and looked at some previous entries I wrote on anniversaries of the site and I was struck by a level of frustration with how the site has developed.

This year, I probably feel the best I have in a long time about where the site is. Factor #1 is my commitment to posting something every day which really has given the site the feel that I wanted so long ago. I have no idea if it is growing an audience or if people even read it. But you know what? I feel great and that’s all that really matters.

I’m especially excited that I slayed the demons of the Japan Trip Diaries and posted it 10 years after the fact. There are two trips still sitting in the archives that I need to post – Japan October 2004 and Utah 2013. I hope to get those up sooner rather than later as there is a possibility of 2 new exciting trip diaries this year.

Pretty much every time I post about an anniversary, I have made a list of things I want to do in the future for the site. I’m just glad I’ve done everything I wanted to do 11 years ago.

In an effort to give myself 12 months to get ready for the 20th, here my latest laundry list of things I want need to do on the site.

Post 1996-1998 Trip Diary photos online
Post Japan Oct 2004 Trip Diary
Post Utah 2013 Trip Diary
Incorporate inline photo galleries to the Trip Diaries

Nice to haves:
Redesigned Gorn Page (it’s been over 10 years..)
New Club Josh template design
Add some ‘Best of’ Disney Park photos to the respective Trip Diary Galleries on Flickr (these are huge holes in my Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris galleries since I took down the Disney photos section of the site. I don’t feel the need to have special galleries for the parks anymore since so many people online have them, but I wan’t to showcase the photos that have me and whomever my travel companions were on the site)

Hopefully, I will have a better track record and can look back on this entry and check items off the list well before next June!