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Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

A perfect lazy Sunday movie, we caught Jason and the Argonauts on Turner Classic Movies this weekend and it was great. It was one of those movies you hear about (Tom Hanks likes it) and is widely considered one of the most influential and best of Ray Harryhausen’s films.

The plot follows Jason on his adventure to get a Golden Fleece which he feels will rally his country behind him as he tries to reclaim the throne from Pelias. I really enjoyed the journey along the way, not really remembering my Greek mythology very well. I’d say my only disappointment was the end of the film with the great climactic battle between the skeletons and Jason and his men. It just sort of ends and that’s the end of the movie. I keep waiting for a part 2 to finish the story. Doing some research, it seems that the story goes tragic and downhill from that point, so it’s probably for the best they ended when it did.

So check it out! TCM has it on every now and then, and I’m sure you can Netflix the DVD (sorry streaming only fans).