New Doctor Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the launch of the new Doctor on the BBC’s long running show Doctor Who. I’ve been excited for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor since it was announced a year ago that he was taking over for Matt Smith. After all the hoopla for the 50th anniversary, which I enjoyed immensely, I have been looking forward to a new era. A new Doctor always gives the production team a chance to take the character in a new yet familiar direction (sometimes good, sometimes not so good – but even then they usually figure out what happened and make it right – see the Sixth Doctors evolution from the beginning of his series to the Big Finish Audio Dramas).

The BBC has been ramping up their promotion of the show – even taking it on a world tour and showing audiences the premiere episode and then doing Q&As with the stars. Despite the leak of the premiere and some scripts earlier this year, I have stayed relatively spoiler free. Daniel is in better shape as he has not even seen the previews and the official sneak peaks. Like going into the 50th, the less I know the better. That way I can have a genuine reaction as Moffat and Co want.

There is part of me that wants to film a reaction video, but I watch the show so intently, I tend to not react outwardly very much. Daniel suggests that we do a drunk reaction video, but I am so excited to see the show I don’t want to miss anything.

In the meantime, please enjoy Peter Capaldi’s first scene as the 12th Doctor and one of my favorite moments from the 50th special.