iPhone 6 Mania Part 2: I missed it!

I set my alarm for 1145pm so I could wake up for iPhone pre-orders, but by the time I made it out of bed and realized why I had set my alarm, the 128GB black iPhone 6 Plus were gone. I could still pre-order, but then I’d get it shipped to me in several weeks – Unacceptable! The regular iPhone 6 were available so I figured you know what, I’ll just wait until they come in at the store so I can a) feel both phones to decide what I really want and b)trade in my 5 on the spot and not have to deal with a third party check some time later.

I went to bed finally convinced that my decision was the best one. Now I have another week to think and re-think about which one I really want. #firstworldproblems indeed. After seeing my friends Samsung Galaxy Note and then another persons regular Galaxy, I am back on the iPhone 6 bandwagon. No need to get the super big screen the 4.7 is plenty big!

(Check back later in the week when I talk up the virtues of getting a 6 plus)