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Doctor Visit

I finally caved and went to the doctor for a regular check up. This is earth shattering news for some of you and long awaited news for others. My physical went OK and my new doctor seems like a nice guy. Not sure about his sense of humor yet. I need someone who laughs at my jokes while they are telling me something is wrong so he’s got his work cut out for him. The medical offices he is at are really nice and feel pretty modern (at least early 2000s) which is great. I hate going places that look like they haven’t changed since the 1970s.

Now I have to prep Thursday night for my starvation in anticipation of blood work on Friday morning to finish out the physical. Not anticipating any issues other than I hope the nurse has woken up and doesn’t take multiple draws to get a good vein. Thankfully I have Friday off of work so I can wallow in my own pity about having to get my blood drawn.

Not breaking news: I hate needles and medical stuff in general.