Props to Perfume

The Perfume concert with Daniel on Sunday was a pretty great show. Of all of Daniel’s eclectic mix of music he enjoys, I have to say I enjoy them the best. My favorite song is 2012’s Spending All My Time and I am glad that it was played during the concert. One of the requests from the band was that we don’t reveal details of the show until the final performance of the World Tour on Saturday in New York. Keeping that in mind, all I will say is that I have new found respect for the singers Kashiyuka, A-Chan, and Nocchi as they really made a connection with the audience. I really grew attached to A-Chan as I fell for her emotional appreciation of the audience asking for an encore.

Here is the video for my favorite song:

And here is Perfukky (a group of kids dancing to Perfume songs) with their version(apparently a popular thing to do in Japan):