Movie Reviews

Into the Storm (2014)

After seeing the teaser trailer back in May, I was all gung-ho to see the movie in the theaters in August. Unfortunately, I never was able to make it into the theaters before the movie was gone. Thanks to modern technology, I finally rented the movie in HD via iTunes and enjoyed it in the comfort of my own home.

Basic summary: Needed less of the character stories and more disaster related action. To me, what makes a good disaster movie is the emotional investment in the poor characters who have to suffer through whatever is happening. In the Poseidon Adventure, we really care if Belle Rosen and the rest of the survivors are going to make it out alive. In Into the Storm, I just wanted the tornado to take everyone away. People compare this movie as Twister 2.0, but even Twister with all its flaws, was able to give us Helen Hunt who we actually cared about.

What about Josh’s other Disaster movie requirements:
Token Child (Little Brother)
Distressed Relationship that grows closer by the end of the movie (big time!)
Token exchange of sentimental item (in this case a knife)
token pet (Negative)
the use of the phrase “My God…” (Also Sorta)
the choice to follow someone (Sorta – Dad and kid follow the crew to find son)
old couple dying together (Negative)
lovable supporting character who gives their life to save others (in this case the character was not lovable but still made a sacrifice)

So it checks most of the boxes, but overall I didn’t buy the gimmick of this being a mockumentary that starts out as a high school graduation time capsule and ends up being about how they all pull together after a disaster. I think this style was part of the reason it was tough to get to know the characters. It also took away the subtle cheese that I like in my disaster films.

As for the disaster footage, some great SFX shots, but most of the money ones were featured in the trailer. Just seems they could have done more since the movie was just a brisk 89 minutes long.

All in all a good rental, and I am glad I waited for home video.