Club Josh

Perils of a 20 Year old Web Site

Next year is a big milestone here at Club Josh – our 20th Anniversary! Hard to believe that I have had a web presence longer than most of the big sites out there and make zero money off of it (donations accepted!). I’ve really been proud of my commitment this year to the site and it has paid off with more blog entries and Gorn photos than ever before. Part of that has come with the stability of our new home at Web Faction as well as using Word Press for CMS.

One of the legacy programs floating around that got burned when we moved was the Photo Galleries. Both the Disney Galleries in the Trip Diaries page and the Gorn Page were a pain to move and re-establish with the Gorn ones taking all of my time to get up and running on the new server and losing all my hits in the process. (the move off of Text Drive was painful!)

At any rate, today I discovered that the Gallery program will no longer be supported which worries me as I will be running with software that won’t be patches or enhanced. One of the proposed replacements is a software called Piwigo. I’ll need to do some checking to see if there are any other alternatives. I still want to host the Gorn photos locally, and I would also like to have the Trip Diary photos also hosted locally instead of Flickr. I’m not opposed to keeping the TD photos on Flickr, its just been 4 years since I’ve loaded a gallery up there so it is way behind the times.

Of course, there is no time to work on any of this prior to my trip at the end of the week, but I want to try and get the remaining 2014 Gorn photos on the site before then. I’ll probably upload my new trip Gorn photos to the old Gallery site as well and then sometime in January work on the conversion of the albums.

Speaking of Trip Diaries, a long 12 hour plane ride is the perfect opportunity to write the old Utah 2013 diaries, so look for those to come sometime soon.