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Futzing with some settings

Some dangerous articles abound on the net these days about social engineering. I miss the glory days of posting your complete resume online and not really worrying about the psychos out there. Nowadays, they have fake accounts rolling around waiting to steal your content and use it against you. Amazing how everything has changed in the last 10 years or so. I’ve tried to keep up but maybe its my age, but I feel like I’m falling behind.

One of the features I’ve had here for many years is the auto posting of Instagram photos to this site and to Twitter. A recent web search I discovered a ton of sites that were mirroring my Instagram photos so I am going to see if taking that account private will delete some of the bot sites. In short, you will have to follow me on Instagram to see my posts. Insta is so messed up right now with ads and wonky timelines, that I have even thought about ditching the entire platform. I will likely keep the account (god forbid someone else takes my username) but I might eliminate the content. Facebook and Twitter are not far behind in a good social scrubbing, and even the archives of Club Josh probably need to be pruned here and there.

The future has certainly changed from the utopian wonders of having a portal on the world for everyone to see. Now everyone can see it and I probably should take a better look at it.