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How am I holding up?

This year sucks doesn’t it?

First week of self-isolation is in the books. Working from home has helped and glad it keeps me busy and helps pass the time. I was not looking forward to this weekend as I already had little to do before the pandemic, but now I really don’t have anything to do. I see a lot of people working on improving fitness or learning some new skill and I am like just trying to make it day by day.

Today, I decided to get my Instagram photos onto the site so that was a big first step. Next will be adding the Gorn photos from last year that I never posted. Maybe, just maybe I will finally redesign my web site from the ground up. I dug out a lot of my notes from 2010-2014 and will really start to rethink how to do the site. Hoping with my time I can re-learn how to code for WordPress and finally create a Trip Diaries site that actually looks good. I also hope to post some random musings about things that I like. 

I know there has been backlash against the “Travel Photo” instagram influencer. Trust me I don’t influence anyone, but I do like to share my experiences traveling. So this is the positive thing I will focus on while I am self-isolated. Writing journals and posting photos of trips in the past with the hope that I will be fortunate enough to do it again. 

For all of my friends and the few people who still occasionally find this site, stay safe, stay home, and let’s flatten the curve!

Stay tuned….