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One Month into Hibernation

It’s been over a month since the shelter in place order was issued for California to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19 which led me to work from home. Basically except for errands to get food, groceries or go to the mailbox, I really haven’t gone anywhere. I tend to be someone who stays at home normally, but this is getting ridiculous. I wonder how many people will turn into agoraphobics, hermits, or generally in need of some mental health care. I know I am going to need some when this is all over.

This month I’ve entered a new phase as most of the people at my company have been furloughed which means I no longer have work to keep me busy. I really enjoyed working from home once I established my routine. I do miss being in the office, but I am totally up for split home/office time in the future. Actually, I am up for anything as long as I am still employed. I mentioned in a previous post about how this felt like the anxiety of the summer of 2001 was poking its head up to say hi. As I started to clean up some of the older entries on the site (formatting, not content), I was looking through some of those 2001 era entries, all sorts of memories of the pre-9/11 anxiety I experienced when I made the decision to leave my previous employer came roaring back. So far my anxiety has been on the sidelines, just occasionally not letting me sleep.

In the meantime, without work, I have turned my attention to my site and realized that in 2 months, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of that first web site so long ago. As I have mentioned over the years I do have a laundry list of things I want to do so no better time than the present. As I was going through the archives, I realized that my project of adding Instagram photos to the main blog never got past 2013 which means 3 years of photos need to be moved here. I did manage to cross the first item off the list which was to upload the latest Gorn photos from Christmas 2019 to the site so day 1 was a success. I should make a post of all the enhancements and changes that are outstanding for the regular reader to keep track and see if I manage to be productive.

Keep staying safe everyone – I will keep you posted on the updates to the site as the anniversary approaches.