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Progress – Diaries Update

In the list of lockdown things to do, I finally crossed one off of the list. I was able to finally get the Europe 1996, 1997, and 1998 photos uploaded, edited, added captions, and keywords to my new local photo gallery. With that, everything from 1996-2010 is now hosted locally. I still need to go through remaining galleries that were imported and add some additional keywords and descriptions (I noticed Australia is a bit lacking). I haven’t decided if I will post the link now or wait until I have added the other galleries I want to post.

I am very happy to have the assistance of Google Maps, especially for the older photos, as it has allowed me to identify some mystery buildings that I took photos of in Bruges while I was sick with the flu.

Next up is to get the 2011-2014 trip photos uploaded with captions and then work on writing and adding 2014-2019. Don’t have to worry about 2020 that much do I? It is crazy to think that there is a good chance I won’t travel anywhere in 2020.