Club Josh

Change is a Foot!

Still tinkering under the hood, but I finally purchased a new theme for the site and have posted it under the Trip Diaries page and I am continuing to learn how to use it and make changes to the existing content over there to make it more a) eye catching and b) closer to the vision of how I wanted to present the Trip Diaries over the years. Still fluid in my thinking about how that section will end up, but the amount of output generated in the last two weeks compared to the previous 5 years is staggering.

Even though I am focused on the Diaries section now, I am still doing background work on the rest of the site so when I push the new templates to the other two installs then it will look like they belong together. Diaries will likely be a little flashier since I am committed to adding at minimum a feature photo to each entry. I won’t be going that to What’s New or the Daily Update since most of the entries are like this one.

Part of me does wish I had a cabin or something I could go sit in for a week to bang out the rest of the content I need to write, but alas I will make do with what I can and live with the distractions. In my previous post I mentioned I was going to work on the Asia 2015 diary, but I wandered off cause and finished the Caribbean Cruise 2017 and Utah 2013 (OMG can’t believe I did this one) before even looking at Asia.

Just promise you won’t fall off your chair if I actually end up publishing the Japan October 2004 one!