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Comet Chasing Part 2

For our second trip to try and see Comet NEOWISE (C2020F3), Daniel and I ventured out to the city of Pearblossom, CA near Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area as recommended by one of Daniel’s friends. The sky was much darker than last week’s Banning trip so we were rewarded with some great shots of the comet. This past week, I also purchased a pair of 10×50 binoculars. These were great as we were able to see the moons of Jupiter, the smudges of the rings of Saturn, plus Mars and the Moon in addition to the comet. All in all, a great night of stargazing.

First shot of the night on the iPhone. It was really pitch dark at this spot so night mode struggled.
The comet rises further above the horizon.
Trying to zoom in and my iPhone gets super pixelated but the comet was impressive.
Last shot from the iPhone 11 Pro Max
Finally, a real photo of the comet from Daniel’s Camera.