Star Trek: Lower Decks

Seventh in the series of the self-isolation media consumption catch up..

When I first heard that they were doing a new animated Star Trek series titled Star Trek: Lower Decks that was a comedy, I wasn’t two excited at the idea. I have a strong nostalgic relationship with the original 1970’s animated series and would have preferred a more straightforward series than a comedy one. However, gate keeping is so passé and I wanted to go into the series with an open mind and considering how well done Discovery and Picard have been, I was hoping for the best.

I have to admit the first few episodes didn’t really click with me and I was worried that it was going to be like that the whole series. Thankfully, as the episodes progressed I found myself enjoying the series more and more. The creators of the series did an expert job of appealing to the non Trek fan and the hardcore ones as well. Just enough in-jokes and easter eggs to reward the long time viewer and a quick pace and witty writing to appeal to everyone else. By the time we reached the season finally, I was laughing along (I think at the correct bits).

Kudos for the creative team for building out the universe even more. I do think Star Trek really benefits from the small screen and episodic format. I’ve mentioned previously that unless you are doing a big event with big consequences on the big screen, you should keep it on TV. With Discovery returning shortly in the 32nd century I am looking forward to Trek canon to be expanded even more. Another show, Strange New Worlds – featuring Pike’s Enterprise crew is also in the works and combined with the other series, it seems to me we have finally arrived in the third golden age of Star Trek!

For now, I am excited to welcome the Cerritos crew (and cameos from the Titan and other ships) to the TNG era canon (although TBH it’s never stated where in the timeline they are, but the appearance of the Titan makes it post Nemesis which is fine for me! Honestly, the Lower Decks crew probably isn’t concerned with proper canon – and in 2020 we shouldn’t either..)