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Month 12 – Vaccination and Openings

As April comes to a close, things are slowly returning to some semblance of normal here in Southern California. Disneyland re-opened today and I got my second shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. We are still physically distanced at work and working from home when we can and we still are sporting face coverings. Despite this, traffic is returning to the freeways, stores and restaurants are filling up.

I still have some anxiety about re-entering society after a year avoiding everyone. Thankfully work has helped. It’s a super safe environment and it helps to talk to people I know about their experiences and before long I am sure I will feel brave enough to eat at a restaurant again. In two weeks my shot and immune system will juice up and I will be fully vaccinated and since a good chunk of my family will be as well I can start planning some in person meet and greets.

Travel still seems like its a long ways away – especially international variety. Covid is still churning through most of the world as some countries struggle with vaccine roll out. I am glad the US finally decided to have an organized roll out. In the beginning it was rough but at this point almost anyone can walk up to a few places without an appointment and get one. I hope that we will take the lead and send our surplus (which I am sure we will have soon) and help our allies and non-allies knock this thing down so they can recover as well.

I worry about the variants and with the large numbers of people who either haven’t been able to get vaccinated or choose not too, we will all remain at risk. Hopefully, we will be able to banish this and start worrying about the next pandemic by the time the fall rolls around. One thing I am looking forward to is the evolution of mRNA technology. I hope we will be able to defeat some long lingering diseases like HIV, malaria and heck even the flu.

It will take months to dust off the personal issues of the pandemic, but I remain hopeful that the worst is behind me. I probably will end this series of updates here and return to normal life updates at a more irregular basis unless something super strange or eventful happens. I know in a few years (or more) when I look back at this I will be glad I documented the past year and I hope things are better for sure (Hi future self!)