Home Life

Month 13 and 14 – Open!

Slowly and surely things have opened up here in California, culminating in the lifting of most restrictions on June 15. Daniel and I have finally ventured out to eat at In-N-Out in person and it was strange getting used to eating someplace other than the car or the coffee table. The variants are running amuck around the world, but more and more of my friends overseas are getting vaccinated which is a good sign.

Here at home, things are doing well with cases still low – although it will take a few weeks for the real numbers to show up if they are affected by reopening fully. It has taken some getting used to seeing people’s faces again, but its nice to finally be seeing more people in person at work.

Leisure travel is still a ways off, but I am hopefully dreaming of the days (probably in 2022) where I can travel the world. In the meantime, I need to come up with some good local trips. I think I will be up in the Bay Area and tbh I can use a nice long weekend away.

We still haven’t had a family dinner out at a restaurant yet, but that will be coming soon! Maybe by the end of the year things will feel back to normal finally? I am more optimistic than ever.