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Withering on the Vine

Where has the time gone??? After a year of regular pandemic updates, I have neglected to post anything since September! I will look to fix that this coming week so check back to see if I actually did it.

I am still struggling with this host that I got ported over to when the last one died/got taken over. I am shopping for a new host and I think I will take the opportunity to make a few changes to the infrastructure and maybe even a new theme (don’t hold your breath – it’s only been almost 2 years since the last update). As with the crash in 2014, the Gorn Page is the one I am most worried about and I think since the Gorn is celebrating 30 years of traveling this year, it’s high time I bought it a separate domain name. I’ll probably still keep it on ClubJosh, but I can then use it on the Gorn Twitter Page.

As for other updates, I have really cut back on social media posting (not consumption sadly), so the archive posts to the blog have been lacking as a result. Work has been busy so not much time for thinking about the site. I do also need to update our Friday Night Frights reviews since they have been ongoing and I haven’t updated the list since last July! We’ve been losing a bit of steam lately as people get busier as the latest variant retreats, but still a list of movies to come.

More soon..