Super Nintendo World

Finally got to check out Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood! Overall, I thought it was really well done despite the small size. It was super packed in the land when we were there but we managed to do all of the interactive elements, the main attraction (Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge), the restaurant (Toadstool Cafe) and the shop (1-Up Factory). The attraction and interactive play were the two best parts – however I do recommend getting the additional cost Power-Up band which helps make everything more fun. I didn’t purchase one, but Daniel did and it was worth it. I can’t recommend the restaurant – the wait was too long and the food was ordinary (but was cute and well themed). You can do it once just to say you have, and then get better food elsewhere in the park. We also purchased the early entry which was worth it to get on the attraction with minimal wait first thing in the morning. Since the land had just opened to the public earlier in the year, wait times were super long.

Walking into the land, heading to the Mario Kart attraction
Ready to race!
Daniel tries one of the interactives in the land
Daniel ready for another interactive

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