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First an overview:
It all started in 1987 when my Aunt Jacky gave me some cool music to listen to while I did my homework. The tape: 1978's Equinoxe by Jean Michel Jarre. I was hooked. Here was unobtrusive music that surrounded you and yet filled you full of emotions. I had no idea who Jarre was or that he put on huge concerts.

I kept searching and searching for more information, and eventually discovered "Oxygene" and then "Magnetic Fields". Over the summer of 1990, I discovered that Jarre was giving a free concert in Paris three days after I was there. I wanted to see it, but I had no idea exactly what kind of spectacle I missed. Despite all these clues, I still knew realatively little about Jarre. Worse yet, no one else I knew had even heard of him (except for my aunt).

Eventually, e-mail became popular and I discovered the Jarre Mailing list, and found out that there was a whole world of Jarre fans. I found out about the type concerts he gave and videos and even more albums. Over the next few years, the web became popular, and the method of getting Jarre merchandise became easier. As a result, I finally obtained most of Jarre's offical albums (the exception being the odd single here and there).

So nowadays I have a bunch of Jarre-related items and a craving for more!! I decided it was high-time I made a list of all things Jarrethat I own, in an effort to help the other Jarre-fans out there who are searching for items about Jarre. So here it is, a list of all the Jarre items that I have and some of the things I wish to have. If you have items that I don't have and want to trade or sell, hit me up on Twitter.

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jarre links

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Last updated 22 June 2020