Josh’s USA Counties map

I was inspired by Cartographer Andy Woodruff (@awoodruff) to create a map of the counties I have visited in the United State. As he mentioned in a tweet, most of it is a memory exercise – trying to remember the exact routes traveled throughout my life is fairly difficult. While my family did do road trips, we never did any large cross country trips. Those were saved for my college and post college life and are much easier to remember and are well documented by photos and maps I had.

Counties visited as of September 2019. Map generated by Mapchart

After all of these years, it is interesting to see specific trips still very noticeable. While I have visited 40 states, there is still a lot of the USA still to see..

Some fun items:

  • Interesting to see that Dome to Dome (1993) still dominating the upper midwest
  • Despite several visits, still can clearly see the top part of Dome to Dome Twice
  • My OCD really wants me to fill in Arizona and Nevada since I am so close to finishing the whole state
  • I’d really like to do a cross country trip and I am not above spelling my initials..