Map Monday: Solar Eclipses of the 21st Century

© Michael Zeiler 2014 - courtesy of

© Michael Zeiler 2014 – courtesy of

The folks over at have created a great map showing where total solar eclipses will be seen in North America over the next 85 years. I got a little depressed thinking that the last one I will probably see is in 2045. If I live to be over 100 then I can see some of the ones in the 2070s, but that will be pushing it. Who knows what can happen to extend people’s lifetimes and quality of life, but I am not counting on it. So that gives me two big solar eclipses – 2017 and 2045 to try and make sure I see!

Europe 2014 is here!

I’ve actually posted the first pass of my travel diary for Europe 2014 in the Trip Diaries section of the site. I’ve actually removed the two entries I had here in the main blog since it was a duplicate of what I’ve placed there. Normally, I just leave the duplication, but since each day I was able to post a photo, I’m OK with no diaries here. Hopefully it will get more of you to check that section out!

Here is the Europe 2014 Trip Diary!

The next step is to actually drop some highlight photos and figure out how to add some galleries so I can post a small portion of the 600 photos I took on the trip. I also need to add the maps to the main archive page of the trip, but then again I still need to do that for every trip from 2000-2014. But hey it’s a start.

Any grammar and typo corrections are welcome..

Two More Large Planets

Courtesy NASA/JPL CalTech

Courtesy NASA/JPL CalTech

This is crazy! With advances in planetary science, two researchers are now saying there is a chance there are two more planets out there beyond the dwarf planet Pluto! Being a Doctor Who fan, I of course would love for one of them to be named Mondas after the Cyberman home world (first mentioned in the First Doctor Adventure, The Tenth Planet.

Nancy Atkinson has all the details at Universe Today.