The Brave Little Comet Lander

If you haven’t heard, the European Space Agency sent an orbiter called Rosetta to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Over the past 10 years it has been preparing for it’s mission to map the comet as well as send the Philae probe to its surface. On Nov. 12 Philae landed on the surface of the comet three times as it bounced due to low gravity and it’s harpoons not firing. Unfortunately it landed in the shadows of a cliff and at this angle did not have enough power than a few days of observations and is now in hibernation mode.

Some great information is on the ESA site, and I for one hope that Philae will catch a break and get some solar energy as 67P gets closer to the sun and they will get a second chance to collect data. It’s like the Spirit Rover on Mars which had its panels covered in dust and it got stuck in the sand. I keep hoping that one day we will be able to get it going again or at the very least, future astronauts will repair it and memorialize its location.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview

Less than a week after the end of the series, the BBC have premiered a teaser clip of the new Doctor Who Christmas Special. Looks like one last adventure with the Doctor and Clara and a very special Guest. This clip premiered during the annual Children in Need appeal night which helps raise money for disadvantaged youths in the UK. Doctor Who has a long history with the program and some great videos have come out in the past. The last few years have just been sneak peaks and trailers, but in 2007 they even made a special mini episode called “Time Crash” which featured the 10th and 5th Doctors.

Here is the 2014 Christmas Special Sneak Peak:

2014 Christmas Trailer (from BBC America):

2007’s special episode Time Crash:

Throwback Thursday: Lion Country Safari

The LA Times has a great story about the 30th anniversary of the closing of Lion Country Safari in Irvine, CA. I seem to remember going there as a kid, but then again it could be just me remembering the legendary Far Side cartoon below:

From the Far Side Copyright Gary Larson All Rights Reserved by Gary and not me.

From the Far Side Copyright Gary Larson All Rights Reserved by Gary and not me.

At any rate they have some great photos of people in their cars casually being attacked by animals like this rhino:

(Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times) Rhino vs Cadillac

(Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times) Rhino vs Cadillac

It seemed like such a good and bad idea at the same time…

Props to Perfume

The Perfume concert with Daniel on Sunday was a pretty great show. Of all of Daniel’s eclectic mix of music he enjoys, I have to say I enjoy them the best. My favorite song is 2012’s Spending All My Time and I am glad that it was played during the concert. One of the requests from the band was that we don’t reveal details of the show until the final performance of the World Tour on Saturday in New York. Keeping that in mind, all I will say is that I have new found respect for the singers Kashiyuka, A-Chan, and Nocchi as they really made a connection with the audience. I really grew attached to A-Chan as I fell for her emotional appreciation of the audience asking for an encore.

Here is the video for my favorite song:

And here is Perfukky (a group of kids dancing to Perfume songs) with their version(apparently a popular thing to do in Japan):