Timelapse Thursday: Angel City

Los Angeles at night always looks beautiful in these time lapse movies. Thank goodness you can’t smell what it really is like. Just kidding, I have always thought that LA (and for that matter most big cities) look better at night. Places like Yosemite and other outdoors locations are much better during the day, but cities – they live at night.

Here’s a great Timelapse of the City of Angels titled Angel City by Sunchaser Pictures

Space Shuttle Carrier Retirement

Sploid has a great reminiscence and some great photos of the Space Shuttle Carriers which NASA has recently retired the second one, carrier SCA 911. I have fond memories of standing at Disneyland on September 21, 2012 as the other shuttle carrier, NASA 905, flew over Los Angeles and Disneyland on the final “Tour of California” for the Space Shuttle Endeavour before it landed at LAX and then was towed to the California Science Center.

Check out the photos at Sploid or read more about the Shuttle carriers at NASA’s site. Below I’ve embedded my photos of NASA 905 (and the Endeavour) as they flew overhead as well as a video recap of the LA flyovers (which sadly miss Disneyland, but show Angel’s Stadium, Dodgers Stadium, Universal, LAX, and the Hollywood sign).

iPhone 6 Mania Part 2: I missed it!

I set my alarm for 1145pm so I could wake up for iPhone pre-orders, but by the time I made it out of bed and realized why I had set my alarm, the 128GB black iPhone 6 Plus were gone. I could still pre-order, but then I’d get it shipped to me in several weeks – Unacceptable! The regular iPhone 6 were available so I figured you know what, I’ll just wait until they come in at the store so I can a) feel both phones to decide what I really want and b)trade in my 5 on the spot and not have to deal with a third party check some time later.

I went to bed finally convinced that my decision was the best one. Now I have another week to think and re-think about which one I really want. #firstworldproblems indeed. After seeing my friends Samsung Galaxy Note and then another persons regular Galaxy, I am back on the iPhone 6 bandwagon. No need to get the super big screen the 4.7 is plenty big!

(Check back later in the week when I talk up the virtues of getting a 6 plus)