Quick Hits May 2015

A lot has been going on here and I have had zero time to post and do anything web related.

I missed posting and talking about the Nepal Earthquake
Big Changes at home: Selling Car and Moving everything out of my apartment
New stuff at work: Being Relocated to another part of the world!!?!
San Andreas: Looks like an awesome cheese fest and I can’t wait to see it!
Club Josh at 20: It’s the 20th anniversary of the web site and I gotta do something!
Jean Michel Jarre: My favorite musician has been releasing singles and has a forthcoming album for the first time in 7 years
Twin Peaks: The show is returning in 2016 (how will I be able to see it in China?)
Periscope: My latest app obsession and some great people to follow.

That is about the last month or so in quick hits. I hope to expand on the topics in future updates over the next few weeks as I get settled in my temporary digs.

Thanks for sticking with me and see you on the other side of the world. My plan is to go back to a daily update starting with June 1. Should be a doozy!

PS – fun thought, maybe I should do a trip diary for the time I am overseas. That would be one heck of a long update!

Disneyland’s 50th Celebration – Ten Years Later

I can’t believe that it has been 10 years since the 50th Anniversary celebration kicked off at Disneyland. It was such a monumental experience in my career that it seems surreal that so much time has passed. I remember the 5 months prior being such a hectic time as we got the park ready to welcome millions of people to visit. I also remember when I first started I was like – Oh! I hope I make it to the 50th, it is so far away. Even more amazing is that I had only been at the park for 4 years when it started.

So much more has happened since then as well! I’ve been really fortunate and happy that so many opportunities have been available to me and that I have done my best to achieve my goals.

This month, the Resort gets ready to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the original Magic Kingdom, the only place that Walt Disney enjoyed himself. I still get teary eyed when I look at the lamp in the window and what it symbolizes. Just today I was walking through the park and was thinking what would Walt think of how his park looks today. Buildings still looking better than ever, and all those trees he planted or saved back in 1955 have all grown up and in some cases removed, and their replacements or replacements replacement have grown up to create the lush park that we all enjoy so much.

I have never been more proud to work at Disneyland and am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to add to Walt’s Legacy and in some small way to the enjoyment of Guests from all over the world.

Back in 2005, I had a dream to do something that a friend of mine was doing that year. I received lots of advice about how to achieve my dream and worked hard through many high highs and many shall we say learning experiences. As we get ready to dazzle Guests with the 60th, I am proud to say that my dream is coming true very, very soon. I will be doing something amazing and I thank everyone who has helped in whatever way they did to get me to this point.

Oh, and it’s Cinco de Mayo! Let’s raise a glass and salute the future which begins in a few short weeks….

One Month Left

Last weekend, I headed off to Phoenix for one last visit to the relatives before I depart on my big adventure. I’ve got about one month left before moving away and the trip was a combination of seeing people as well as dropping off some important items that I did not want to put into storage.

Daniel and I had a good time, despite me having to work on Friday at the last minute. I was still out of there by 11 and by the time we packed the car and had lunch we were on our way at 130. Thankfully we didn’t get caught in too much traffic on our way out of town. We made good time and pulled up in Phoenix just after 7pm. As I was driving, I was trying to think of how many times I’ve actually driven the route from LA to Phoenix and just how much it has changed. I remember one of the first times post 1999 when I moved back to LA that it seemed like forever to get to Phoenix. Now it doesn’t seem that far – partially due to the urban sprawl over the last 15 years, but also due to the fact I mentally divide the trip between 100 mile segments.

Saturday we went to Sedona, AZ – sort of a last minute field trip. It was nice to go for a 2 hour drive and see a part of Arizona I haven’t been to yet. My nephew was along for the ride and I hope he enjoyed it as well. Around dinner, we met up with my Aunt and Uncle which was a nice surprise to say goodbye before my departure.

Sunday I finally was able to set up my new laptop! The first Club Josh laptop since my Dell I purchased in 2005! Ten Years, man a lot of technology has changed since then. I got it because I could not lug my 24″ iMac overseas and I was due for an upgrade. When I was younger I updated technology at a much faster rate, but in my old age I guess I am not as prone to be an early adopter. But so far, the new computer is so much faster and I’ve got one month left to put it through the paces to make sure that I have gotten all my programs and links ready to go.

The only issue I had was that it took me a long time to figure out why my iTunes wouldn’t see where my music was on my external drive, but it turns out there are configuration files you need to migrate as well. Consider it a pro tip. Oh and Google Searches of tech problems is the best thing ever. There has yet to be something I haven’t been able to resolve thanks to the net. My 1995 self is so jealous.

That’s it for now. Unfortunately I have fallen way off the update a day wagon and with my schedule it looks like it will wait until June to re-start once I am in my new place.

Josh – where are you going??? Don’t worry I still will write up a complete saga of where I am going soon!