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Yosemite in the Winter

Half Dome
Yosemite Falls
Tunnel View of Yosemite Valley

I had never actually been in Yosemite in the winter time. When we were heading back from the “Tour of California” we ran into a weather delay due to heavy snow on the Grapevine. We decided to take an extra day and drive through Yosemite and were rewarded with some amazing sights. Only the valley was crowded and don’t get me started on the food service…

A different kind of Christmas Tree

Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwood State Park

For Christmas this year, Mom, Gary, and I drove the “Tour de California” from LA up to the Coastal Redwoods with stops in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Paradise, and Sacramento. If you don’t spend Christmas at home, at least do it somewhere with fabulous trees..

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Glacier National Park was never on my top lists to visit until I looked up where the road to the Overlook Hotel was filmed in the Shining. Then I knew I wanted to visit. Well worth the trip even tough it is out of the way and a full day drive from Yellowstone.

Grand Teton National Park

Previously I had only ever driven through Grand Teton National Park, and I am glad during my trip we were able to spend some quality time doing the full loop. This photo was taken at Schwabacher Landing, easily one of the best photo locations in the park.

Sunset at Mt Wilson

Fortunate to experience a stargazing party at Mt Wilson Observatory, above Pasadena, CA. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area just look for the mountain with all of the radio towers.