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The Other Leading Brand Castle

I only really go to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights so its nice to see Hogwarts all lit up for the occasion. Our last experience with Universal in 2019 was not so hot and I was not really looking to go again. I was convinced to go by the Halloween 4 maze (after our year of Friday Night Horrors) and was very pleased with how much the guest experience had improved. The workers were super helpful and friendly and the majority of attractions and mazes we went through were fun. I really like the new Jurassic World layover of the water ride (probably because I didn’t get soaked) as well as the Halloween, Exorcist, and Bride of Frankenstein mazes. One thing they need to improve on was food availability. Every location was packed with super long lines. Not sure if it was related to staffing or COVID procedures or both, but even eating at Citywalk was a challenge.

Every time I do visit Universal, I always lament for the Universal of the 80s. The tram tour, the Cylons, the interactive shows (Star Trek Adventure), and KITT from Knight Rider. Just seemed way more awesome to me as a kid than what is currently offered. It’s probably nostalgia though, I bet adult Josh would probably roll his eyes if I visited old Universal today.