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Map Monday: Solar Eclipses of the 21st Century

© Michael Zeiler 2014 - courtesy of

© Michael Zeiler 2014 – courtesy of

The folks over at have created a great map showing where total solar eclipses will be seen in North America over the next 85 years. I got a little depressed thinking that the last one I will probably see is in 2045. If I live to be over 100 then I can see some of the ones in the 2070s, but that will be pushing it. Who knows what can happen to extend people’s lifetimes and quality of life, but I am not counting on it. So that gives me two big solar eclipses – 2017 and 2045 to try and make sure I see!

Map Monday: Sasquatch Sightings

Found an awesome map via Maptacular showing 92 years of Bigfoot sightings in the US and Canada. Great information on Josh Stevens’ site. My take-away? I’m surprised at the number of Florida sightings as well as the spike in the 2000s and the relative decline in the last 4 years. Maybe Global Climate change is hitting the ‘squatches harder than other animals??

Map Monday: Germany 1990

Germany 1990

Germany 1990

25 years ago, the Berlin wall fell on November 9, 1989. Who would have thought that I’d be there 8 months later touring with a high school group from Texas. In honor of that celebration, I thought I’d post a map of what freshly-reunited Germany looked like in 1990 when I was there. Perhaps next year on the 25th anniversary of my trip I’ll post some photos! It was a few years before I started travel journaling and I don’t know if I still have the itinerary floating around in the box. Something to look for before next summer!

Map Monday: Tropical Cyclones That Have Reached So Cal

The National Weather Service in San Diego put out a great map about Tropical Cyclones (or as we call them, Hurricanes) that have made it to San Diego and Southern California. Interesting to note there hasn’t been one since the late 1990s (Hurricane Nora in 1997) before I moved back to LA from Northern California. Hopefully this Hurricane will finally get rid of the massive ridge of high pressure that has been parked over the state for the last few years that has led to the awful drought conditions prevalent in the state.

Map Monday: South Napa Earthquake

Early Sunday morning, Napa, CA and environs was shook by a m6.0 earthquake – the largest quake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area since the Loma Prieta Quake of 1989. From the DYFI reports and my friends twitter accounts, it appears the quake broke North (confirmed by USGS as NNW). In my armchair seismological opinion, it’s a good thing as the population diminishes rapidly in that direction. Had the fault broke to the south, I am sure there might have been more damage in the Southern area of the Bay.

Did You Feel It? Reports from Northern California Residents show more violent shaking to the North

Did You Feel It? Reports from Northern California Residents show more violent shaking to the North

Also, I love this photo from NBC Bay Area photographer Jeremy Carroll tweeted out by Vicky Nguyen (@vickydnguyen)

Map Monday: LA Stories from the “Map Cave”

Los Angeles Public Library’s map librarian Glen Creason talks about the history of Sunset Strip and Volume 10 of Sanborn Fire Insurance Atlases.

It’s the first episode in the LA Public Library’s new series called LA Stories from the “Map Cave”. I hope there are many more AND I need to visit the cave STAT!

via Curbed LA