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Whoa! It’s Good to be Takei

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that no state could deny two people of the same-sex a marriage license. In my adult life, I never would have expected this to happen. It really moved me when the decision was made as it impacts a huge number of people that I know and even more that I don’t know. I’m lucky to be a resident of California which after a misstep in 2008, finally got their act together in 2012 (with help from the same Supreme Court).

People ask me if I will finally get married and my answer is always the same. Marriage is not something that is at the top of my to do list. I don’t need a marriage to show that I am committed to one person or another. I’m not a deeply religious person so the faith-based part of marriage never appealed to me. The civil side of marriage is very appealing as it helps one get a house and leads to other financial and personal benefits (wills, healthcare, company benefits, etc.) and to boot you can spend the rest of your life gazing into each others eyes and wonder just what the heck are we doing together in this crazy life.

I posted a comment on a friend’s Facebook profile that basically sums it up. Getting married is like wanting a puppy. Seems like a good idea when you are all new and excited, but in reality it is a lot of work, costs lots of money and you have to be willing to clean up all the poop that comes with the love. I think more people should realize that before taking the plunge (Pets or Marriage!).

Having committed my views to my blog (unusual for me to be this personal but heck, I was moved by the weekend’s activities.) I will now probably make a fool of myself and run off to get married in Vegas and end up living in a hotel somewhere trying to figure life out. (Wait, I am technically living in a hotel now – crap! I’m already halfway there!!)

On another note: In celebration of all the pride going around, I finally got around to watching “To Be Takei” the documentary about my favorite Trek Star, George Takei. I credit George with being one of the reasons that society in general has changed their views on the LGBT community since he came out of the closet in October 2005. Personally, his appearances on Howard Stern and just being an advocate on TV and hundreds of appearances and parades has put a familiar face on an issue that makes many uncomfortable. This comes out (pun intended) in his movie where he talks about his issues over the years. I, for one and grateful that he has taken this step and helped so many, many teens and adults alike have a positive role model.

The other big item in the documentary is George’s role in getting the musical Allegiance to Broadway. Its such a personal story for George and I am glad he is finally getting a chance for it to make it to the Great White Way. I hope to see it someday to support George in his life’s legacy work. It’s the least I can do for someone who has provided me personally with lots of Star Trek lines to quote and has helped many people laugh on Facebook and Twitter, and been such a strong advocate for LGBT everywhere.

The Gorn meets Phil Keoghan

The Gorn meets Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race

The Gorn meets Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race

Yesterday, Daniel and I traveled to San Diego to meet the host of TV’s The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan. He was speaking at the Travel and Adventure show at the San Diego Convention Center. We found out about his engagement via his twitter account, and as soon as we knew he was going to be there, we booked a trip on the train.

Riding the train is always fun with the only drawbacks being you have to put up with the other people on the train. One thing I like about driving is you only have to deal with your people in the car. The show itself was pretty small compared to previous ones we have attended at the LA Convention Center, but it as only their second year in San Diego, so I’m thinking it will grow in the future.

The highlight for us was certainly listening to Phil give his talk and we managed to get seats in the second row. For the autographs, they ran out of books so I had Phil sign my bag before taking a photo with the Gorn. Daniel lucked out and managed to get an autographed photo and bonded with Phil. A great day trip! The only drawback was the long wait for our train back to Anaheim, but with web surfing and people watching, the time passed quickly.

I’ve posted the photo to the Celebrity section of the Gorn Page where you can see all the other celebs that the Gorn has met!

Merry Christmas from Tom Baker

Never be afraid to stand up and make a fool of yourself – usually you get rewarded #bettywhite

I had the joy of seeing a taping of Hot in Cleveland tonight where I was mere feet from Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendy Malick. Such a great atmosphere to watch a show – this was the first time I have seen a taping of something other than a game show. I’ve lived in LA for 15 years since I moved back from Nor Cal and finally I got to do this.

Michael Burger was the audience warm up, and despite starting a bit slow was really fun to watch in between the takes and I thought overall did a great job keeping the spirits of the audience up throughout the 3 and a half hours. After giving out a few prizes I was determined to volunteer to get up and embarrass myself to win something. My chance came up in the dance off where 5 of us competed to win an autographed script. I’d like to say I beat the carrot lady from Bakersfield, but in the end they gave us all scripts. I was pleasantly surprised and it made my night.

Again, the taping was such great fun and I’m sad that the show will be concluding at the end of the current season. Best of luck to the cast and crew – Hot in Cleveland has been a fun show to watch and now see live!

My Everything #LoveBoat

The Love Boat crew re-united in Florida yesterday for the christening of the new Regal Princess and part of the festivities was a Gold Carpet walk for the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruise lines. One photo that was in People Magazine is my everything. It features all of the original cast of the Love Boat with a bunch of celebs that were on the show including Charo!!

The Cast of the Love Boat and some of their Guest Stars

The Cast of the Love Boat and some of their Guest Stars

Some other great photos can be found at the Miami Herald Site

George Takei Remembers Hiroshima

Today is the 69th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan in the waning days of World War 2. In 2004, Daniel and I visited the city of Hiroshima, Japan as part of our March 2004 trip to the country. I wished we had more time to visit the city, but due to our incident in the train station that morning, we were left with only a few hours in the town. We made it to the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, and I wish we had more time to really experience the town and its people.

George Takei (as many know one of my favorites from Star Trek) produced a video of him with his husband visiting Hiroshima. George’s personal story has always moved me. As a child he was locked in an internment camp in the desert just because he is Japanese. It’s hard to imagine from my perspective here in 2014 that the US actually did something like that. Heck, even when I was in high school back in the 1980’s it was hard to believe that it happened. George does a lot for gay rights as well as just being an internet superstar. I’m glad I got to meet him and get this photo.

Life Itself

Kottke linked to the new Roger Ebert documentary that premieres later this year on July 4. I loved following Roger on Twitter when he was alive. More than most celebrities, he was always full of opinions – some that I didn’t agree with (but learned more about someone else’s point of view). I found may great obscure facts and movies from him.

Earlier in life, I always looked forward to and loved a good Siskel and Ebert episode – especially when it featured a movie I was particularly looking forward to. I was always crushed when they gave a thumbs down to something I wanted to be good and soared when they liked a Star Trek or David Lynch film. I will be watching the documentary when it comes out, and I hope you do too.

A Successful Exhibit for Huell

As mentioned in this post I made it over to Chapman University and visited the new permanent installation for Huell’s legacy and got myself a copy of the California’s Gold Map. The documentary, A Golden State of Mind: The Storytelling Genius of Huell Howser by Chapman professor Jeff Swimmer was one of my favorites as it really told the story of Huell, often times in his own voice. It was fun to hear him again as if he was still with us, and fun to see some classic moments from all of his various series.

The permanent “That’s Amazing, 20 years of Huell Howser and California’s Gold” exhibit was also very well done. It’s not huge by any means – it occupies a decent space on the lower level of the Leatherby Library. When we were in line, it took over 90 minutes to see the exhibit. There was enough time to take it all in, but I think I would visit again when the crowds are gone so I can linger some more over the artifacts.

My AAA California’s Gold map is Amazing! I look forward to visiting as many of the 100 points of interest on the map as I can. The map covers the Road Trip episodes and select California’s Gold episodes – No Visiting.. or any of the spinoff series because it would make the map unreadable. Maybe they can do a series of maps??

Here is a gallery of photos from the exhibit – be sure to check it out!

The AAA California's Gold Guide Map featuring 100 locations Huell visited

The AAA California’s Gold Guide Map featuring 100 locations Huell visited

Outside of the permanent That's Amazing Exhibit at Chapman

Outside of the permanent That’s Amazing Exhibit at Chapman

Huell's Camera and Microphone from his many series

Huell’s Camera and Microphone from his many series

The recreation of Huell's office

The recreation of Huell’s office

Files for shows Huell was working on at the time of his death

Files for shows Huell was working on at the time of his death

One of the many display cases of Huell's mementos from people he met - including the 1996 Olympic torch he carried

One of the many display cases of Huell’s mementos from people he met – including the 1996 Olympic torch he carried

Huell's research area with his many books on California, his found art, as well as his famous Yellow shirt

Huell’s research area with his many books on California, his found art, as well as his famous Yellow shirt