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The Gorn meets Phil Keoghan

The Gorn meets Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race

The Gorn meets Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race

Yesterday, Daniel and I traveled to San Diego to meet the host of TV’s The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan. He was speaking at the Travel and Adventure show at the San Diego Convention Center. We found out about his engagement via his twitter account, and as soon as we knew he was going to be there, we booked a trip on the train.

Riding the train is always fun with the only drawbacks being you have to put up with the other people on the train. One thing I like about driving is you only have to deal with your people in the car. The show itself was pretty small compared to previous ones we have attended at the LA Convention Center, but it as only their second year in San Diego, so I’m thinking it will grow in the future.

The highlight for us was certainly listening to Phil give his talk and we managed to get seats in the second row. For the autographs, they ran out of books so I had Phil sign my bag before taking a photo with the Gorn. Daniel lucked out and managed to get an autographed photo and bonded with Phil. A great day trip! The only drawback was the long wait for our train back to Anaheim, but with web surfing and people watching, the time passed quickly.

I’ve posted the photo to the Celebrity section of the Gorn Page where you can see all the other celebs that the Gorn has met!