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These are the Voyages…

Josh and the Gorn with the filming model of the USS Enterprise from the Original 1966 Star Trek series

I admit I totally forgot the Enterprise was in the National Air and Space Museum until I arrived and was looking for fun things to see. Glad I found the Enterprise with the Gorn!

More photos of the Gorn in Washington DC on the Gorn Page.

Spectre Trailer

I am totally ready for the new James Bond film. The best part of this trailer is the part where the theme from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service starts to play. I just need a Chinese release date please and thank you!

Oscar Thoughts

A big fat meh.

That is how I have been feeling about the Academy Awards recently and this year was no exception. Like last year I really wasn’t interested in the show, save for the nominees for Best Animated Feature and Short. I’m glad that both the films I was rooting for won (Big Hero 6 and Feast) and other than that I wasn’t really looking for anything.

We did manage to watch some of the show live over at Daniel’s grandparents house. His grandma had some great quips and I’m thinking that we should watch the show at their house every year. Watching live was tortuous during the commercials and I miss fast forwarding through some of the filler performances and categories. I did like Patricia Arquette’s speech where she called for equal pay for women – you go! Anytime anyone talks about something they are passionate about, I am always reminded of Richard Gere’s infamous Tibet speech and the spoof of it in the Naked Gun 33 1/3. I’ve said it before, anytime I watch the ceremony now, I always think of that movie.

I thought NPH was a good host, not really on his mark as I felt some of his gags fell flat and his timing was off. I missed the opening number which I hear was great. I think he was better than some of the recent missfire hosts, but Ellen was better and I still miss the days of Billy Crystal. Actually, I think Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel would make a great host of the Oscars and I hope they get the shot some time soon.

Being Mortal

At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch this episode of Frontline on Dr. Atul Gawandeone tackling the hardest challenge of his profession: how medicine can improve life but also it’s end. It’s based on the book he wrote and is great television. I’m glad I watched it. Powerful stuff. I’m totally going to try and read the book.

via Kottke

Old vs New Price is Right

I was home sick today and one of the things I like to do is to watch The Price is Right. I tuned into today’s episode and as much as I love Drew Carey and the show, it always feels a bit off. Maybe its the HDTV, maybe its the faster pace of the show (its almost 3 minutes shorter than a classic show) or maybe its just my nostalgia for being sick from school in the early 1980s, but I love the classic shows so much more. I discovered a Christmas Eve 1981 episode of the show with Bob Barker and Johnny Olsen available on YouTube which happened to have 2 of the same pricing games as the show from today. That is one of the things I love is the timeless pricing games. There was just something about Bob’s sassiness and the classic Barker’s Beauties that took me right back into the game. Not only that, but I think my pricing skills are firmly planted in the early 80s as I was way closer on prices for this game than the one from today.

Watch for yourself the classic 1981 goodness:

Or watch today’s show (limited time offering)

Star Wars Trailerpalooza

Hello? Have you been living under a rock? If you have, then you missed the fact that Lucasfilm and Disney have released the official teaser trailer for the new Star Wars film Episode 7: The Force Awakens last week. While the trailer is pretty good, the fan made versions of it are even better!

Here is the original version:

My personal favorite – the George Lucas edition:

And a version where they use classic Star Wars scenes to make the same video (they did this with Star Trek 2009 where they made the trailer using Original Series episodes – I love stuff like this!) I wish I had the time and patience to be this clever..

Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview

Less than a week after the end of the series, the BBC have premiered a teaser clip of the new Doctor Who Christmas Special. Looks like one last adventure with the Doctor and Clara and a very special Guest. This clip premiered during the annual Children in Need appeal night which helps raise money for disadvantaged youths in the UK. Doctor Who has a long history with the program and some great videos have come out in the past. The last few years have just been sneak peaks and trailers, but in 2007 they even made a special mini episode called “Time Crash” which featured the 10th and 5th Doctors.

Here is the 2014 Christmas Special Sneak Peak:

2014 Christmas Trailer (from BBC America):

2007’s special episode Time Crash: