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Never be afraid to stand up and make a fool of yourself – usually you get rewarded #bettywhite

I had the joy of seeing a taping of Hot in Cleveland tonight where I was mere feet from Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendy Malick. Such a great atmosphere to watch a show – this was the first time I have seen a taping of something other than a game show. I’ve lived in LA for 15 years since I moved back from Nor Cal and finally I got to do this.

Michael Burger was the audience warm up, and despite starting a bit slow was really fun to watch in between the takes and I thought overall did a great job keeping the spirits of the audience up throughout the 3 and a half hours. After giving out a few prizes I was determined to volunteer to get up and embarrass myself to win something. My chance came up in the dance off where 5 of us competed to win an autographed script. I’d like to say I beat the carrot lady from Bakersfield, but in the end they gave us all scripts. I was pleasantly surprised and it made my night.

Again, the taping was such great fun and I’m sad that the show will be concluding at the end of the current season. Best of luck to the cast and crew – Hot in Cleveland has been a fun show to watch and now see live!