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A lot of catching up

As much as I love writing my Travel Diaries, I am at a crossroads where I need to figure out what the heck to do with 2 years of backlog. Living overseas for over a year was really the wrinkle as it is difficult to capture it as a “travel diary” I really should have just been better at a Daily Update while I was gone, oh well! I think I’ve settled on what I want to do – basically short one or two page articles on side trips.

Here are the trips I need to figure out what to do:
Japan October 2004 – yes this is still stuck in the drafts as I never wrote anything and I think this might be lost forever or just a photo guide to the trip. The photos exist on Flickr so probably easier with some dedicated time to just do it.
Utah 2013 – Road Trip through Utah’s 5 major national parks was fairly photogenic and would also benefit from the Japan 2004 treatment. I do regret not taking more notes and since its already been 4 years, a lot is lost to memory.
Huangshan 2015 – My first weekend trip was very photogenic.
Japan and Hong Kong 2015 – a real “trip” a week with Daniel as he visited me in Shanghai and we traveled to Hong Kong and Tokyo. I really want to flesh this trip out!
Xian and Beijing 2015 – Fun trip with the family, but likely to just be the photo version
Borneo 2015 – Nathan and I went to some amazing places – also would like to flesh out
Harbin 2016 – On the fence with this one. likely to be just photos
Singapore 2016 – I’m not sure there is enough for anything, but I loved it
Thailand and Cambodia 2016 – again, great photos but recent enough I hope to create some journals
Japan 2017 – Japan for the 5th time (also went in 2016 but was part of a weekend trip and I don’t think there was enough for a note) again likely just photos if anything since we did a lot of the same old stuff.

Stay tuned and hopefully I can update the links as the sections go live.

New Diaries Coming

Wow it’s been a long time, like over a year!

Just wanted to give a quick note that the Utah 2013 diaries are coming shortly and I’m about to embark on my first Europe trip in 7 years..

Stay tuned – Diaries from Europe will start being posted Saturday December 27! They will be posted on the Club Josh Daily Update and then replicated here shortly thereafter.

New Trip Diaries

Pardon the new-website smell as I continue to plus up the diaries. I’m still adding maps and custom navigation as well as tags here and there.

Josh’s Travel Photos on Flickr

While I figure out how to get Flickr photos to show up in the sidebar and within each Trip Diary, I’m just going to settle for the link above.