A lot of catching up

As much as I love writing my Travel Diaries, I am at a crossroads where I need to figure out what the heck to do with 2 years of backlog. Living overseas for over a year was really the wrinkle as it is difficult to capture it as a “travel diary” I really should have just been better at a Daily Update while I was gone, oh well! I think I’ve settled on what I want to do – basically short one or two page articles on side trips.

Here are the trips I need to figure out what to do:
Japan October 2004 – yes this is still stuck in the drafts as I never wrote anything and I think this might be lost forever or just a photo guide to the trip. The photos exist on Flickr so probably easier with some dedicated time to just do it.
Utah 2013 – Road Trip through Utah’s 5 major national parks was fairly photogenic and would also benefit from the Japan 2004 treatment. I do regret not taking more notes and since its already been 4 years, a lot is lost to memory.
Huangshan 2015 – My first weekend trip was very photogenic.
Japan and Hong Kong 2015 – a real “trip” a week with Daniel as he visited me in Shanghai and we traveled to Hong Kong and Tokyo. I really want to flesh this trip out!
Xian and Beijing 2015 – Fun trip with the family, but likely to just be the photo version
Borneo 2015 – Nathan and I went to some amazing places – also would like to flesh out
Harbin 2016 – On the fence with this one. likely to be just photos
Singapore 2016 – I’m not sure there is enough for anything, but I loved it
Thailand and Cambodia 2016 – again, great photos but recent enough I hope to create some journals
Japan 2017 – Japan for the 5th time (also went in 2016 but was part of a weekend trip and I don’t think there was enough for a note) again likely just photos if anything since we did a lot of the same old stuff.

Stay tuned and hopefully I can update the links as the sections go live.