Feb 24

Europe 1996 Day 3: Bath – Stonehenge – Salisbury

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Saturday February 24, 1996
Today the group got up bright and early to catch the shuttle bus to the Frames-Rickards tour headquarters. From there we departed for Bath, Stonehenge, and Salisbury. Our tour leader was named Lynn and the driver has a styling not unlike Emerson Fitapaldi. The trip from London to Bath was pretty non-eventful. We did stop at a fast food/cafeteria/gas station/gift shop in one combo along the highway. As we made our way to Bath Lynn also pointed out a few of the sites as we screamed down the highway (Among them were Windsor Castle and some pretty green landscape). When we arrived in Bath, we were shown around to some of the sights including the Great Crescent (an subdivision that was appropriately enough, crescent shaped). From there it was over to the Bath Cathedral and Roman baths where we were free to explore on our own. The museum itself was cheesy compared to the actual Baths and Ruins, but I managed to get some groovy Gorn shots as well as some poses by the Baths. After touring the baths of Bath, we went exploring around the town and were surprised to find modern shops such as the Gap and the Disney Store nestled among the local shops. They did tastefully bled into the existing architecture so it wasn’t garish. After that it was back onto the bus for the trip out to Stonehenge.

On the way to Stonehenge, Lynn filled us in on the current theories behind its construction. My favorite Lynn quote was: “I don’t buy the space alien theory. I mean, if a culture was advanced enough for space travel, they would have done a better job.” When we arrived, we discovered that they were reseeding the grass around Stonehenge so we had to pose for pictures from quite a distance off. It was kind of eerie standing there, and if weren’t for the cars whizzing by on the expressway or the tourists chattering about, I could see myself getting spooked. I bought a nice coffee mug (which incidentally did not make the plane ride home in one piece, but most of it has been reassembled with a couple thick rubber bands).

From there it was on to Salisbury. Quaint little town, but really only had time to run up to and take a peek inside the Church. Lynn graciously informs us that it is the largest spire in England. She also submits and poses with the Gorn “As long as I never have to see it”. Form Salisbury it was back to London. Most of the tour group managed to sleep on the way back. After tipping Lynn and getting a ride back to our hotel, we paused for a quick rest. I ventured out to the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street and managed to pick up my second Jarre Video “Europe in Concert”. I changed into some classier clothes and then we all headed out to Sea-Shells restaurant where we indulged in a fine meal of Fish and Chips. After some gum, we all set out to find a club that I wanted to go to. After wandering around SoHo for 30 minutes we finally found it. Mom, Gary and Wesley went off, and I went inside. It was very cool inside, and I spent most of the night talking to a 23-yo Londoner named John. It was a mutually beneficial conversation. I had never met a real Londoner, and he had never met a real American. He had some very strong opinions on many topics, but was also very polite and nice. He introduced me to some of his friends in the club, and a great night was had by all. By the time the taxi dropped me off at the hotel it was 4am. Man was I pooped.


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