Japan March 2004

Japan 2004 Day 1: Los Angeles to Tokyo

Thursday March 11, 2004

The adventure started at LAX where Daniel and I boarded American Eagle #3161, a small commuter plane to fly up to San Jose. American is ready to introduce their non-stop service to Tokyo in a month or so, but right now we have to do the connection in San Jose. For the price we are paying ($399 round trip before taxes) it is worth the hassle.

The flight to Tokyo, American #129, was great despite the 11+ hours in the air. There was plenty of room thanks to the more room in Coach policy as well as flying onboard a Boeing 777, which felt like a limo with its nice wide-open aisles. The first meal a dinner with some beef product was OK nothing special, but the Pizza lunch was fantastic – reminded me of the ol’ Great American Burger days. For the last 5 hours of the flight, the woman seated behind me started to have a coughing attack. Other than mild annoyance, I was worries I was going to get sick since the last several trips I had been on, I ended up sick. Fortunately, I have been taking Echinacea and vitamins to try and save off any illness.