Asia 2015

Asia 2015 Day 7: Hong Kong to Shanghai

It’s our last day in Hong Kong and we were going to make the best of it. We checked out of Lanson and had them store our bags as we headed out into the city again. We decided to head to Mong Kok again because there was a store called Bossini we both liked that had reasonably priced items. After fretting for a bit, I finally decided to get a greet lightweight jacket that would be perfect back in Shanghai, a t-shirt (which funny enough said “Calif High-Way” on it with some license plates) and some socks. Daniel picked up a t-shirt as well.

Daniel shopping in Mong Kok

From there, we headed back to Victoria Harbour so Daniel could get the perfect shot and I could finally get some daytime harbor views. After our modeling session, we headed to the electronics market to marvel and the thousands if not million of electronic items from all eras of mobile phones to you name it. It was fun to see it all. Our last stop was the Yuen Po Bird Garden which we found after passing through a street full of flower merchants. I admit I found the bird market wonderful and strange at the same time. Let’s just say I won’t be buying a bird anytime soon. I’d rather just visit this neat market instead. 

Yuen Po Bird Garden in Hong Kong

We then had to race back to Lanson to catch our bus to the airport. No major issues getting to the airport and we checked in to our flight. Of course, I being the absent minded one again, left my cell phone at the check in counter and thankfully I figured it out before we went through security. We dined at Pizza Express because we had time and it was really, really good. By far my favorite Airport dining experience and I will have to eat at a Pizza Express again.

Our flight boarded at the correct time – with the bizarre bus to the satellite terminal and random waiting area design, but boy did it take its sweet time leaving. Not sure if it was a Hong Kong airport or airline issue, but when all was said and done we landed at Pudong Airport about 45 minutes late. I had arranged Frank the Driver (who rescued me when I had to pick up Daniel on the first day) so he was waiting for us at the airport and we headed back to my apartment. It was late when we arrived and we headed promptly to sleep.