Asia 2015

Asia 2015 Day 6: Hong Kong Disneyland

Saturday September 12, 2015

It’s Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th Anniversary and its been 10 years since I last set foot in the park so I was super excited to visit again. We made it to the park at opening, but it was already too late for the special pin release that day. At least we did end up with a souvenir button celebrating the day. We had a busy morning riding Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, its a small world, RC Racer, Slinky Dog Spin, Toy Story Parachute Drop, Mystic Manor, and Big Grizzly Mountain. It was my first time seeing Toy Story Land, Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch, the three lands that were added in 2011-2013. Overall, I loved the additions to the park, especially Mystic and Grizzly. I was a little disappointed because the show was messed up the first time we rode Mystic Manor, but the lack of the a line redeemed it when we were able to try again quickly after the first trip. 

Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland

For lunch, we headed back to Tomorrowland to eat at the Starliner Diner. This is where I made the biggest mistake of our trip. I had set down my shoulder bag to make my back feel better and unfortunately after the lunch, I forgot to take my bag with me. It wasn’t until we were shopping on Main Street that I realized it was gone. I ran back to the restaurant and it was nowhere to be found. I immediately panicked. My camera, the Gorn and worse, my passport was still in the bag. Thankfully, Daniel was annoyed with me because I kept getting too far from him for the wifi to work so he had taken it into his bag. All of the worse scenarios in the world kept going through my mind about how I was going to get back into China without my visa and passport and how long I would be stranded in Hong Kong. 

The entrance to Toy Story Land in Hong Kong Disneyland

I went to City Hall to report the missing bag and they hadn’t had anyone turn anything in yet. I was so mad at myself because I hadn’t backed up my photos from Japan or Hong Kong in my digital camera. We kept shopping and thankfully I had my work phone with me so they could call me if anything showed up. A little more than an hour later, I finally received a call from Lost and Found that they found my bag. I rushed back to City Hall to get it. Sadly, everything wasn’t in my bag, but the important stuff was still inside – the Gorn and my Passport. Whew. The camera was gone along with my iPhone cables, plug, and headphones. Not sure why they wanted the cables but oh well those were easily replaceable. The photos were gone for good however and that was the worst part about it. I wasn’t even mad about the digital camera – just the memory card. I am grateful I had some photos on my iPhone from Japan, but missing was the photo Daniel and I took with Donald in Lost River Delta. That was my favorite photo.

Trying to forget bad luck with some frozen treats

We put our bags (and my shoulder bag) inside a locker  and then spent the rest of the day trying to re-take photos of areas that I had taken on my digital camera.  We had some ice cream and rode Autopia – another attraction not there 10 years ago. We ended the day with the Paint the Night parade (which I had seen during its preview just before leaving for China) and then one final ride on Space Mountain. As the park closed they presented the special 10th anniversary plussed up pyro which I enjoyed and we decided to just let everyone else leave the park before we did. I made one last check of Lost and Found in the hopes that someone would turn in the card or camera, but alas no luck.

Paint the Night at Hong Kong Disneyland

We headed back to Causeway Bay to pick up replacement charging cables for my phone. They didn’t have the USA wall plug in the Apple store so I will have to ask my mom to bring one when they come next month. Thankfully, I have my iPad charger at my apartment back in Shanghai and the outlet converter I was using in Hong Kong has a USB connector so I was able to charge my phone. 

One final note we found out today that our flight tomorrow as cancelled so we had to be rebooked on a later flight. Not a big issue and it actually gave us more time tomorrow to enjoy the city before heading back to Shanghai. This day was super exhausting and I was glad to be back at Lanson finally to sleep.