Asia 2015

Asia 2015 Day 10: Time to Say Goodbye

Wednesday September 16, 2015

It was time for Daniel’s China adventure to end as we got up early to get ready for him to go to the airport. His flight back to the US was at 1255 so we had to get him to the airport by 10am. We had the driver pick us up and take him to the airport so I could get dropped off at work afterwards. We had a quick breakfast before we left, and I think Daniel was glad to be heading home. No major issues getting to the airport and I laughed thinking about exactly how many times I went to the Pudong Airport in the last week.

As I was heading back to work, I was very melancholy. My first few months in Shanghai were very difficult as I got used to new surroundings and being away from home. I certainly was homesick. I was so grateful to Daniel for coming all the way to China to visit me. Having a piece of home with me and in my apartment was a huge boost. Combined with my Mom and Gary coming in October and Nathan in November, it was exactly what I needed to get me through the rest of the year. At this point I was expecting to go home sometime in December but I have a feeling I will be here until at least the following summer. No telling for now, but I will cross that bridge if it gets there…

Thankfully, Daniel made it to Seattle and then his connecting flight to Los Angeles with no issues.