Feb 29

Europe 1996 Day 8: Wimbeldon – Carnaby Street

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Thursday February 29, 1996
Today was somewhat depressing as two of or travel team left us, but we still managed to explore quite a bit. Gary and Wesley left early to catch their plane back to Atlanta. After some hanging around, Mom and I set off for Covenant Garden to exchange Jonathan’s Docs. They didn’t have his size, so I got Matt’s there instead. By then we were pretty hungry so we settled on Garfunkles for lunch. Yuuuuuck! Pretty awful fare that left the both of us doubting the wisdom of our choice. We then wandered around SoHo looking into some odd shops here and there. From there we strolled over to the tube and took it all the way out to Wimbledon-Home of the All England Lawn Tennis and Racquet Club, and the Wimbledon Open every June. Arrived at the tube station and took a taxi out to the club. Paid 2.5 pounds to go to the museum. Some neat tennis stuff, and a nice view and Gorn pic of Center Court. From there, it was a leisurely stroll through Wimbledon and Southfields. Stopped into a local grocery in Southfields to purchase stamps and mail postcards. From there it was back to the hotel to dump off some crud we’d been carrying around. With the memory of Garfunkels still in our mind we decided to play it safe and eat at Pizza Hut. No dice. Bad services and nasty pizza made us 0/2 on the day.

Next stop was Carnaby street, where we went into the China Warehouse, a favorite shopping stop of Mom’s in London. This guy who ran the store remembered Mom from 6 years ago. Pretty freaky. Mom then of course HAD to buy 3 David Winter cottages. A quick stop in a local store found Jonathan’s Docs, and then it was off to Oxford Street. We stopped into another grocery to pick up goods for tomorrows breakfast. Made a quick stop into a HMV store to see if there was any Jarre stuff or Kylie stuff for Nathan. No dice, so we headed back to the hotel. After some bad TV, Mom and I made preliminary plans for tomorrow, and then it was off to bed.


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