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Europe 1996 Day 9: London to Cambridge and back

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Friday March 1, 1996
We are aboard the train to Cambridge. We chose this college because Mom said it was more beautiful than Oxford. It was a late start today as we didn’t get on the road until almost 1pm. I want to make sure that we have enough time when I get back to stop at Holland Park and to check out the Marble Arch area Virgin Megastore for the Jarre stuff. An interesting observation: Since the IRA have resumed bombing, there are no more trashcans in London on streets or in rail stations. Since we’ve been here we have personally encountered 2 big inconveniences due to the IRA: The incident in Docklands where we had to bus around damage to the tube tracks, and on our London tour when we were stuck in traffic for over an hour due to the closing of the Piccadilly Circus area. Plus all the times I needed a trash can (like this morning when I wanted to toss a Burger King cup away).

We took a bus tour of Cambridge, and ended up at the college. We strolled through campus. It wasn’t very impressive. There were some cool buildings and some neat shops, but not really more exciting that say Davis. But it was still cool to see such a revered institute of learning. Making our way into the town, we went into this store where Mom was looking at some sweaters, and for some reason I bought this Scottish Wool Blanket. Oh well. it was warm, and pretty good looking. We couldn’t find a bus back to the train station so we hoofed it, and saw more of Cambridge. Pooped and out of breath, we managed to make it back to the station just in time for the train.
After a much needed rest on the train, we headed out to Marble Arch to see if I could get into any stores, but they were all closed by the time we arrived. We ate some dinner, got some water at a small store and then went back to the hotel. I was going to go out, but decided to crash instead. I wanted to see the Royal Geographic Society tomorrow, but it is closed on Saturdays. Oh well. Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow, but it will be our last full day in London!


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