Mar 02

Europe 1996 Day 10: Shopping and Clubbing

by in Europe 1996

Saturday March 2, 1996
Our last day in London was spent tying up loose ends and picking up the last few souvenirs. Mom found Tom’s jellies at Fortnum and Mason, and I found Nathan’s Kylie movie “The Delinquents”. I met a really cute model who was on the cover of one of my guide books, and I probably should have let Mom take our picture, but I was REALLY embarrassed. Mom filled her part of a dare by obtaining some nipple clams (Apparently its a long story), and then we went to Leicester Square to see if Mom could go see a show. She ended up going to see Miss Saigon, and I just hung out and waited to go dancing. Had a great time, though I think the drug use was a little more rampant this time (mainly cause I was on the floor this time and not at the bar). Decided to go back to the hotel and finally stumbled in around 3am.


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