Europe 1999 Day 2: London to Copenhagen to Lund

Wednesday November 24, 1999
I arrived in London about noon, though a bit disoriented from lack of sleep. I proceeded to walk the 50 miles to the bus to transfer to terminal 1. By the time I arrived, I still had about 2 hours to kill before my plane to Copenhagen. I spent most of the time vegging in the Lounge and dining on some very bad British McDonald’s. Managed to make it to the gate, where I answered a few questions to a nice lady who was conducting a survey for the British Airport Agency. I spent a good chunk of the flight to Copenhagen in various stages of sleep, too bad the flight was only 1.5 hours, I needed more sleep. Landing in Copenhagen, I proceeded to walk another 50 miles to get out of the terminal, part of the time was spent on some sort of bizarre catwalk. I met Joe outside of customs, and we proceeded to wait about 45 minutes for the bus to take us to the ferry to Malmo. The bus and the ferry to Malmo were pretty uneventful, with Joe pointing out some of the finer points of the city and the shoreline as we passed. I do not quite remember most of it, but we plan to go back on Saturday. Arriving in Malmo, we had about another 45 minute wait to catch the train. I noticed at this time that yes, in fact, it gets VERY cold in Sweden. Like Lake Tahoe in the morning in December was 7pm. The train to Lund was also uneventful,though when we arrived in Lund, we did the mad 100m dash to the Bus so we wouldn’t have to wait in the cold again. Finally at 9pm local time (12 noon US time or 30 hours after I woke up) I sat in Joe’s dorm room and watched TV, played Quake and then fell sleep.