Europe 1999 Day 3: Thanksgiving in Lund

Thursday November 25, 1999
Thanksgiving Day in Sweden. Not too much different from any regular day here. I spent most of the day relaxing and getting used to being here. We managed to go out and about in the city and do some shopping. I didn’t find any Jarre CD’s, but did see some overpriced merchandise all over. We had tacos for dinner using the Taco Bell supplies I brought from home. As a nightcap I did manage to see my first movie in a foreign country. Our movie was “End of Days” starring Ah-Nold. It was OK overall, and it was quite funny to hear the Swedes in the audience laugh at his accent. All in all a pretty laid back day, with the bulk of the touring happening Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow promises to be another day in Lund, and perhaps Malmo in the evening. Until then, enjoy a few pics that we took today.