Europe 1999 Day 4: Shopping in Lund

Friday November 26, 1999
It’s the busiest shopping day of the year, and here in Sweden its no exception. Joe and I headed out to downtown Lund and did some souvenir shopping. While I was downtown, I took some pictures of the local environs to show typical Lund sites. I managed to snap a shot of the movie theater that I saw my first movie in a foreign country. Another highlight was trying a hot dog in a French roll. It was OK, but it had that same crunch when you bite into it as the hot dogs from Pink’s in LA. Joe was pleased that he was able to converse with the shop keepers in Swedish without thinking about it. We went to the state owned liquor store and there were 70 numbers between ours and the current number. To pass the time, we shopped around at other places. After 30 minutes we picked up a bottle of Absolut Mandarin. We headed back to the dorm and enjoyed some Sparta Restaurant Pizza. Joe and I then decided it was time to teach Ludde and Anke the fine art of the drinking game “Quarters”. Of course we were distracted easily so no one really got drunk. We did manage to wreak havoc on until 3am our time, or 6pm in Sunny CA. Some of the pictures from the late night are blurry, but I think it captures the ambiance of the night. Tomorrow promises to be low key as we recover, but I think we will manage to make it to Malmo and hopefully IKEA. We need to make our reservations to go to Copenhagen on Sunday and to possibly spend the night on Sunday so we don’t have to get up quite so early to catch my plane to the US. If we do spend the night, I will be unable to update the last two days until I get home. I’ll keep you posted.