Europe 1999 Day 5: Day Off in Lund

Saturday November 27, 1999
After a late night last night, today we got a late start (so late that we had maybe 2 hours of sunlight left). We spent most of the day just hanging out. Joe and I did manage to make it to the train station to get our tickets for the train and boat for tomorrow to take us to Copenhagen. The picture at the left is of the nice tree in the ticket office of the train station.
Later in the night, we attempted to see Tarzan, but it was sold out. We ended up renting Volcano (and thus exposing the locals to a bonafide disaster flick). It was interesting seeing locations in LA that I am so familiar with in Sweden. I did get to meet more locals, so that was a big plus of the day. Johan, Calle, and their friend (whose name I forget, but made a lasting impression showing up at Joe’s door in some sort of military hat) were having a party on a lower floor and invited us downstairs. We spent a few hours down there listening to music as well as listening to Calle relate boxing stories. They invited us to go out into Lund with them, but unfortunately we could not go because we had to catch the morning train to go to Malmo and Copenhagen. We do not have any hotel reservations, but Joe is confident that we can go to the train station information kiosk and be able to get a discounted rate. After a nice couple of days of relaxed vacationing, I am ready to tackle one full-on tourist day.