Europe 1999 Day 6: Lund to Copenhagen

Sunday November 28, 1999
We woke up early to catch the train to Malmo to meet the boat to take us to Copenhagen. After packing and hustling to the station, we realized that the train we were there to catch wasn’t one that we could use the tickets we bought yesterday. After seeing if we could catch another train, we decided to pony up the extra money and buy the tickets for the train – again. When we arrived in Malmo, Joe realized that he forgot his passport in Lund. Realizing that there was not enough time to go and retrieve it, he hatched a plan to get Ludde to come to Copenhagen on Monday and deliver it. There is no need for a passport to get to Denmark, only to come back to Sweden.
The trip over was mildly choppy, though the announcement on the boat specified that NO hot beverages would be served during the trip. Arriving in Copenhagen, Joe and I proceeded to walk to the train station, which while looking close on the map, was actually a 30 minute walk. Along the way, we traveled down the pedestrian street in Copenhagen and got to do window shopping. Arriving at the train station, we realized that the info booth was back out on the street. Once there, we found out that the booth was closed on Sundays (along with 80% of the businesses in Copenhagen). So we were on our own to find a hotel room. After balking at the $200 price tag at the swanky Radisson-SAS, we settled on the Grand Hotel – near the train station and -bonus- they were able to discount our room 50% because we were going to be there only one night. The room was nice and comfy. We decided to Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then we were off to the Little Mermaid.
The walk to the Little Mermaid was about an hour, but we did manage to almost break our ears off in the cold. I was able to snap some good Gorn pics, and then we headed off back to the Hotel. By the time we reached the Town Hall Square it was time for the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree which was spectacular. It was a bit crowded in the square so we decided to head back to the hotel and take a nap. After the nap it was off to the Tivoli Gardens to see the Christmas lights and the shops. I didn’t see anything that I wanted to get so we hoofed it over to a pizza place to have dinner (The Manhattan Pan Pizza Co). After dinner we decided to go to see Tarzan. It was cool seeing Danish people laughing in the same places as the US audience did when I first saw the movie back home. After the movie, we headed up to the room and relaxed and went off to sleep. It was my final night in Europe, and I was a bit melancholy. I would be glad to go home, but I always wish I had a bit more time to explore and hope that I get back to Europe soon….