Caribbean Cruise 2017

Caribbean Cruise 2017 Day 9: San Juan to Los Angeles

Sunday December 10 2017

Bright and early it was time to disembark and bring the cruise to a close. Our flights were later in the day so we didn’t rush to get off of the ship, but they did not hesitate to remind you to get off. Mom had hooked us up at the San Juan Marriott Resort with a day pass. It allowed us to chill at the hotel and have lunch before heading to the airport. It was a perfect way to unwind before the long trip home and Mom recommends them if you need to kill some time in a city you are not familiar with. 

One thing to note, on the ground we were still amazed how the neighborhood we had stayed last time had changed after the hurricane. Lots of damage still present. Our hotel was in good shape and was actually being used by FEMA as a point where residents could come and fill out the paperwork needed to get assistance. 

The food was good and I really enjoyed hanging out and using the complimentary wifi. Before long, it was time to head to the airport and home. We were all flying to Dallas and then on to our individual destinations. Nothing really exciting about the trip home and I will be honest – I was conked out for most of it. I didn’t get back to LAX until after midnight and then headed home. 

My first time on a cruise was a lot of fun and I hope to get to do another one at some point. I really want to go to Alaska, through the Panama Canal, and visit the Mediterranean. There is a lot of traveling out there still left to do!!