The Parade of Costumes

Not much sleep last night. I went out to West Hollywood to their annual Parade – which is not really a parade, just a bunch of people wandering up and down Santa Monica Blvd. Most popular costume seemed to be either Tigger or Pooh. A close second had to be superheroes in general – most of who seemed to be going with the “Superhero at the 10 year reunion” theme. Some of those Wonder Women weren’t very wonderful at all. Come to think of it, most of them were not women either.

Parking lot note: we parked in the Pacific Design Center’s parking lot which took us 30 minutes to exit due to the backlog. This is a problem with most parking lots built because they compound the traffic by forcing each floor to empty onto each other. Universal Studios has the same problem with their garages. Once it took me over an hour to exit New Year’s Eve. Disneyland has just built the largest parking garage in the USA (maybe even the world). They were smart enough to give each floor its own ramp down and out of the structure significantly reducing exit times. I am not sure if any other garages currently do this (Beverly Center has a similar approach), but if you happen to be an architect and are designing a garage, think of us poor souls trying to exit at midnight.